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Publication about the guide

WONM University Japanese School General Information

Disclosure about guides
1. This guide is an effective guide for all students who have admitted to WONM University Japanese School.
2. WONM University Japanese School will work diligently to provide the academic courses described in the guide.
However, WONM University Japanese School does not offer courses documented other than the guide or WONM University Japanese School, regardless of whether or not the course will be changed at any time, or whether it is canceled or not Hmm.
3.All policies and procedures.
WONM University Japanese School The curriculum, programs, and courses described to individuals as a rule may change without notice.
The information contained in this guide can be changed at any time in its sole discretion and WONM University Japanese School has secured the right to change the schedule of the school.
4. Admission applicants will review this guide and confirm with the requested review (provided as part of the online application).


Public information about the WONM Graduate University Asia Japan

Publication on WONM University Japanese School

1. Currently, WONM University Japanese School is not an organization that can issue letters of credit of Japanese university system.
2. Management of websites related to research or research by WONM University Japanese School, management of virtual learning environments and all other programs, and determination of responsibility at the World Natural Medical College Japan school are rules of students.
3. WONM University Japanese School does not participate in Japan's financial aid program.
4. WONM University Japanese School is aimed at all possibilities to ensure that we provide correct information for all current students, citizens and other stakeholders.
WONM University Japanese School is diligent and guarantees all students recruitment, guides and materials for promotions including websites are clear, as far as possible, as long as they are published (depending on purpose).

5. If students or all citizens are dissatisfied with the WONM University Japanese School guide and education, please report it to the headquarters: jnms@ace.ocn.ne.jp.
6. WONM University Japanese School is a non-profit organization and it is approved that the head office is operated as a UN-NGO-DESA organization for education.
7. Within ten years WONM University Japanese School has not filed a bankruptcy proceeding or a petition for complaints etc. by Japan's bankruptcy law.
8. WONM University Japanese School is located in Nara prefecture and Osaka prefecture.
In order to maintain and secure the record of the student's results, we keep it on the PC in the place mentioned above. However, all the procedures processed by the computer will be held at the university of the online campus of WONM University Japanese School.


Annual leave of absence at the WONM Graduate University Asia Japan
WONM University Japanese School will be closed on Japanese holidays.


Obligations, vision and core values of the WONM Graduate University Asia Japan

WONM University Japanese School's obligation, vision and core value
1. WONM University Japanese School is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing general access to qualified students who are eligible for high quality online education.
2, WONM University Japanese School is convinced that general access to education is beneficial to society.
3. Applicants wishing to enter WONM University Japanese School will accept application forms from any time. We divide the year into four periods, and we will do the distribution. The challenge is in each chapter, solving the problem and submitting the whole report before the next distribution.
4. The WONM University Japanese School will also conduct instructional lessons from the Internet and other places at any time and will hold seminars in various places.
5. WONM University Japanese School will provide students with high motivation to learn before offering the next distribution.


The vision of the WONM Graduate University Asia Japan
Vision of WONM University Japanese School

I believe it is an important factor in promoting the development of peace and society in the world and Japan.
Vision is guided by the value of the four cores of WONM University Japanese School:

1. chance
WONM University Japanese School is based on the confidence that it is not the basic right of a person who is eligible but not a few who can give special privileges to education.
WONM University Japanese School offers this program through distance education and opens the door to higher education for students who are eligible to take this opportunity.

2. community
By providing opportunities for students and faculty and staff to learn about academic programs, educational services, employment opportunities, etc., in order to train human resources with various abilities and capabilities in Japan and around the world, WONM University Japanese School Make a comprehensive community.
3. Integrity
WONM University Japanese School creates a system culture on the basis of students, faculty and staff, staff, and clarity of introduction to work, based on the best professional category. And we have honest responsibility criteria.
In addition, WONM University Japanese School expects students to receive the results of education and seriously continue their research for that purpose.

4. quality
WONM University Japanese School provides a high quality online academic experience appropriate in scope and depth of the 21st century challenge.
WONM University Japanese School will evaluate all ongoing academic models.

This course and graduation abstract

Main course and graduation abstract.
It is based on WHO recommended naturopathic medicine education 1500 hours or more.
After two years of study and two hours of study a day, it is structured to finish study with other tools and practical studies.
It can be shortened to one year.
The allocation is 12 subjects (3 subjects are reference subjects). One subject is 2 hours a day-4 hours 2 months 2 years 2 years It is structured to reach the study time as a standard unit.
Depending on the learning progress, the period will be short and long. It is supposed to answer the subject for each subject unit.
We will graduate from the final report submission that covers each subject.