Think of the learning method as making a Japanese version of your own book. You can make it neatly, or you can make a book that only you need to understand. It's a fast and reliable way to get the information into your head, and it's also a fast way to solve questions.
1. open the PDF textbook and copy and paste the necessary parts. up to 3000 characters.
2. Open Goole Translate or DeepL
3. translate the copy and paste into your native language.
Attach a Word document with a translation into your native language.
5. Translate and attach additional exercises at the end of each chapter. And since the answers are at the end of the book, they should also be translated and attached after the questions.
This is an important part of each chapter, so putting it in red or background color will help you understand the main points.
You can understand the difference between English and Japanese expressions and ways of thinking.
If you translate the entire book, you can review and confirm it later.
Please do this yourself, because the Japanese translation books available in the world are mistranslated, misdirected, and arbitrary, creating Japanese people who cannot think as they do today. This process will help you understand and change your thinking to the rational thinking of a Westerner. You will acquire the ability to think for yourself. You will learn to think for yourself, so that you will not become a Japanese who does not know what other people are thinking.
If you study seriously, you will be able to cope with the AI age with your ability to think. Let's say goodbye to the cold Japanese who are content with school and titles.

6. Provide case symptom and recovery measure search data management upon graduation (each therapy in the international naturopathy training process is reasonably covered). 7.
Additional therapies, ideas, and symptom responses can be saved.