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Continuing Education: Naturopathic Medicine
Doctoral Program

Department of Naturopathic Medicine

Education in Natural Medicine and Therapy, Career Development Programme for Working People, World School of Natural Medicine, Japan, Distance Learning

WONM Graduate University Asia Japan School

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Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine

Scheduled to open: Continuing Education Doctor Course

(Special course for career development members of society)

Doctor consistent course:

Usually 1 to 3 years (Only those who have completed the naturopathic course

can complete it in a minimum of 1 year.)


Applications are accepted at any time from 2022.

Admission rules

* Doctor course admission rules

Priority admission for international naturopathic graduates

Dr.Richard Liao Chancellor : WONM Asia University for Humanitarian Medicine 

                                                     Vice Chancellor, Malaysia TCM College



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3 elective research courses

Tuition fee

​​Course fee: The cost varies according to the electives.(You can start after confirming the cost.)

3 subject selection research: Purchase textbooks by yourself: Amazon etc.

for purchasing method We will contact you regarding the purchase method.

It is now possible to divide 10,000 、5000yen monthly.

Payment Method


To be opened: continuing education doctor course

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Alchemical Medicine 

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Naturopathic Training Course * If you have graduated from a naturopathic training school other than our school, please let us know.