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What is WONM?

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About WONM
The WONM (World Natural Medicine Organization) philosophy is based on basic liberty and human rights, recognizing the rights of natural and traditional remedies as a viable option for the poor, both by individuals and governments. I want to do it. It aims to fulfill the mission of humanitarian medicine by establishing a "clinic for humanity" to provide a free humanitarian program for the poor.
To achieve its main purpose, we are engaged in the following activities.
1. To collaborate with other organizations with the same goals and form partnerships
2. Maintain registration of naturopathic therapists, naturopaths, and health care workers for humanitarian service and urgently in areas where they can be dispatched to the community as needed or are inadequately serviced. Providing medical care.
3. Teach the community to document skills inherited from their ancestors for future generations.
4. Maintain the registration of traditional and natural medicine health care oriented naturopathic therapists and practitioners, work as a unified group, restore and promote the use of traditional natural medicine health care worldwide, and humans. Reduce suffering.


World Natural Medicine Organization (WONM)is an international non-profit, politically and religiously neutral humanitarian NGO. WONM was founded in accordance with the World Health Organization (WHO) Armata 1978 Declaration and adopts the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Human Health Act, the Monte Video Conference, and the ultimate law "LOVE". The mission of WONM is that the founders are to fulfill the obligations entrusted to them by their first meeting that the world's poorly serviced people (economically deprived of conflict and build peace). It is to provide major traditional and natural medical care, education, etc. to those who are not, and who are fit for natural disasters. The cost of people's conflicts is enormous, and the physical and psychological wounds they inflict on people are enormous and never healed. This will create in society the values, attitudes, and restraints of common interests needed to transcend the differences that arise from conflict and injustice. Most governments are limited in providing cost-effective major medical care to the poor due to their dependence on manufactured drugs. Most modern medical practitioners can't do anything without expensive hospital technology, specialists, and manufactured medicines. Due to their lack of knowledge about traditional, versatile and natural medicine, they cannot use cheap sources, effective sources, and reliable sources of medical care, especially for the poor. We believe that in each, villages, towns, cities, and the entire countryside are self-sufficient and teach one outlook on life. This allows for re-establishment specific to the local area and can be achieved by traditional natural medicine and techniques. Education is the key to poverty alleviation. Humanitarian service physicians and practitioners help local poverty alleviation, education, traditional medicine, community development, and the needs of people who are unable to achieve peace and have poor medical services. We WONM are welcomed and cooperated with like-minded humanitarian individuals and organizations to help their mission (it is one of the hopes for the underprivileged in the world). Time has many essences, while you complete reading, thousands of poor people, their children will not have access to medical services and will die of illness due to inadequate medical care.President- Hon Dr. Sheila McKenzie, Dame of grace of the Sovereign Orthodox Order of Knights Hospitallers of St. John, Grand Priory of the Humanitarian medical Order of Knight Hospitallers (HMOKH) for North American and Minister of the International Parliament for Safety and Peace.

Representative Dr. Sheila Mackenzie, North American Minister of the International Parliament for Security and Peace, has the Order of Humanitarian Medicine of the Knights of Hospitality (HMOKH), the sovereignty of the Knights of Hospitality in the Majestic Priory of St. John. Orthodox graceful lady).


President: Dr. Sheila McKenzie

About IHNMA and WHF

International Holistic and Nature Medicine Association
The International Association of Holistic and Natural Medicine is a legal and professional global organization.
The former organization is the Nonprofit Organization Holistic Medical Committee.
We have many global experts, professors, and experienced practitioners.
They are looking at holistic and natural medicines, and they also offer cutting-edge technology and study reports. The technology IHNMA supports, which IHNMA contributes to, has linked the field anytime, anywhere.
We have a strong function in holistic and natural medicine.
We have many kinds of technologies and experiences to support our global members and people.
We also offer our members high-tech and quality courses.
All courses are triggered by our global experts, professors, and alliances.
To guarantee our students, we have a harsh process.
It is very important that we want to nurture talented practitioners and people.
In the future, they can contribute to humans what they learn.
IHNMA research centers and laboratories are located in different countries.
We have our research and research goals and we need to reach our goals every year.
IHNMA also publishes all studies and studies them annually.

Dr.Richard Liao


Protect human dignity and take care of people in need

The Order of Sovereignty in Malta is one of the oldest institutions of Western and Christian civilization. Since 1113, the religious order of the Catholic Church and the Medal of Sovereignty of Malta, subject to international law, has diplomatic relations with more than 100 countries and the European Union (EU) and has a permanent observer status at the United Nations. increase. It is neutral, impartial and political.

Today, the Order of Malta is active in 120 countries that care for people in need through medical, social and humanitarian activities. Every day, a wide range of social projects constantly support forgotten and excluded members of society.

In particular, people living in armed conflicts and natural disasters are involved in medical assistance, refugee care, and distribution of medicines and basic equipment for daily life.


Knights of the Hospitality of the International Parliament for Security and Peace (HMOKH)

The Order of Humanitarian Medicine for over 1000 years, the Knights of the Hospitality of the Majestic Monastery of St. John

Order of Orthodox Night of John (OOSJ)
The mission of the Orthodox Medical Knights (OOSJ) is to preserve the ancient traditions of both modern and ancient medicine for future generations by addressing the needs of dispersed victims.

Knights Hospitaller: Origins

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